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Oh spying government I hate you, no wait, I love you, no wait…

Talk about being on the fence. We now know for sure what has long been suspected and that is that the government conducts surveillance on telephones and e-mails. OK, that part I hate. I don’t want anyone spying on me, … Continue reading

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Time for the baggy pants look to go away … please

This is about so sound as old and grumpy as it gets: Wildwood is looking to ban the baggy pants look on the Boardwalk. It’s about time… According to a story by my friend Wayne Parry of the Associated Press, … Continue reading

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A sick little girl who is caught in the middle of bureacracy

THERE IS AN UPDATE TO THIS STORY FROM THE DELCO TIMES: According to, the parents of a 10-year-old Newtown Square girl have asked a federal judge to step in and order U.S. health officials to change organ-donation rules … Continue reading

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