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This dog has her owners running the streets…don’t laugh

Perhaps it was the notion that the kids – all four of them – are getting older and (hopefully) they don’t need my wife and I like they used to. Or perhaps it’s the thought that Hespe – a border … Continue reading

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Why did Montco decide to take on the state in terms of same-sex marriage?

This isn’t a rant about the merits, rights or wrongs of same-sex marriage. The whole issue of same-sex marriage I believe is a personal one that shouldn’t be anyone else’s business. This is a rant about a governmental body taking … Continue reading

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What the world was like for a kid growing up in Delco

I realize that the Daily Local News is a Chester County newspaper but folks, my roots are in Delaware County. After reading some comments on a Facebook page for those of us who grew up in Delco, it reminded me … Continue reading

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Despite the emotion, no need for violence when this verdict is reached

Whatever the outcome of the case against George Zimmerman, it won’t be good. Officials in Florida are trying their best to calm the waters before a verdict comes but a case like this one means someone won’t be happy when … Continue reading

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Honored to have known Don Seeley and to know my friends Peg and Bob

People often say you can tell how much someone touched the world by the number of people at their funeral. I’ve also heard that when a couple gets married it’s the number of people who come to the church that … Continue reading

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