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Member of the NYPD does a good deed…yet people still question his sincerity?

Let me begin by stating this: I have nothing but respect for police, firefighters and those who serve in the armed forces. They – the men and women – perform a duty I could never see myself ever doing. As … Continue reading

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It’s that time again: gifts, egg nog and holiday display controversy

I guess I am not sure whether I’m angry with Thornbury resident Tracy McPherson or not. On one hand, I am annoyed with what I see as a smarty-pants attitude towards the holidays with her group – the Church of … Continue reading

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The death of the Twinkie? Please, say it isn’t so…

Say it ain’t so. This morning when I heard this tragic news I nearly came to tears. How can there be a world without Twinkies and Wonder Bread? “Wonder Bread helps build bodies 12 ways…” (or 10 ways or some … Continue reading

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The tragic loss of the little boy I knew as Levi…

I received the text alert to my cell phone sometime Saturday, I can’t remember exactly when. But what I do remember is that it was one of those moments in time that I got the chills down my spine. Now … Continue reading

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Winter Storm Athena? Are you kidding me?

Our obsession with the weather goes back forever. The Farmer’s Almanac deals with weather and others in history dating back thousands of years have based their lives on the sun, the wind, the rain and the snow. People have had … Continue reading

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Sandy, gas lines, nasty people and then? Jury duty…

Well, this has been quite the almost week. Last weekend I spent most of my time at the ice rink scorekeeping games between teams from as far south as the Carolinas and as far north as Northern Toronto. It was … Continue reading

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