Guy gets beaten and robbed and his company wants HIM to pay

Warning: reading the following story from The Mercury and my similar experience will definitely make your blood boil.

From The Mercury: apparently the company that owns a Citgo store in the Pottstown area is docking a worker who was beaten and robbed of what we’re guessing is $400 and making him repay the company. I kid you not.

The story:

POTTSTOWN — A victim of a beating during a recent robbery is now seeing money deducted from his paycheck by his employer, according to his lawyer.

On Jan. 17, around 8 p.m., police responded to the Citgo Gas Station in the first block of West High Street and found an employee bleeding from his face.

According to police, the victim told responding officers that he was punched in the face by a man who stole two drawers of lottery tickets.

Marzel Brickhouse, 46, of Pottstown, was seen on surveillance video trying to get into the safe and the cash register, police said. He was also seen beating the victim, police said.

Now the victim is having money deducted from his paycheck.

“This is a callous disregard for the truth,” said Adam Sager, the victim’s attorney.

On Friday of last week, the victim saw a “misc. deduction” on his paycheck, Sager said.

According to Sager, the victim was told by his employer that $50 would be taken from eight consecutive pay periods in order to recoup the losses as a result of the robbery.

On Tuesday, Sager sent a letter to the Penn Oil Co. in Reading giving the company until Friday to attempt to resolve the issue with his client.

Sager said if the company does not respond, he intends to initiate a lawsuit on behalf of his client.

Now I will never try and say I know how to run a multi-billion-dollar company but I’m pretty sure that if one of my workers was beaten and robbed, I wouldn’t hit their paychecks to recoup the loss. Isn’t that what insurance is for?

I experienced something similar way back when in the late 1970s. I was working at a grocery store and one Saturday, was the victim of an armed robbery. This guy came through my line while I was a cashier and demanded money.

Not really paying attention, I sort of turned and said, what? With that, he promptly took his revolver and clobbered me on the back of the head. Not a pleasant experience I assure you. So if the trauma of that wasn’t enough, several weeks later I was handed a bill by my boss from the emergency room of the local hospital. It was around $75 of $100. I asked him what he expected me to do with it and was told to put it through my insurance or pay it.

I do remember asking him if he was serious – and trust me, he was dead serious. So a day later I walked across the street to a store that sold produce and other stuff and asked them if they needed help. They did and I quit the grocery store.

To this day I can’t imagine how someone could have handed me a bill when I truly had a brush with death. The guy who robbed me and hit me with his gun could have easily fired off that thing. Lucky for me he chose not to.

I expect someone with Penn Oil Co. will come to realize how stupid it would be to make the person pay back the $400 lost in a robbery. What was the guy supposed to do? Warn the robbers that the loss would be coming out of his pay? For real?

The lack of common sense in business today never ceases to amaze me…but this one is a doozy.

— Andy Hachadorian



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