Shutdown? Let’s send THEM all home and we’ll all run the country

I really don’t like to talk politics. I don’t see myself as a Republican or a Democrat. I see myself more of a person who stands on the side of what I think is the most fair for people.

Now when it comes to the government shutdown, it really is a disgrace. And I found it pretty amusing when a co-worker read on the BBC website a comment that basically said that while the Syrians are busy blowing each other up or killing one another even they still can manage to pay their bills.

Sickening. Totally silly, unnecessary and damaging to our country. And worst of all, embarrassing. We look like fools to the rest of the world.

And beyond all of the nonsense is the fact that the president and members of the House and Senate are still collecting their paychecks while people considered non-essential are told to go home. Parks are closed and in the irony of all ironies people traveling to Philadelphia can’t even visit the Liberty Bell.

Why is it that the politicians can’t see the reality here? The impasse we’re observing is something they see in a totally different light. They see the politics – we see the lives of people disrupted with furloughs, no checks and on and on. So how safe do you feel getting into an airplane that maybe wasn’t inspected or perhaps the air traffic controller is working overtime?

And all of this is connected to Obamacare or the official title – the Affordable Care Act?

I say if they want to fight about health care then fight about it. Actually, debate it the correct way. But holding an entire nation is just wrong.

Ever since the shutdown occurred things have either gone haywire or there has been virtually no effect. Last night while attempting to complete a homework assignment my youngest son went to the website of the USDA. Sorry, closed.

And the ACA website is also amusing – I guess. Have you tried to sign up? Oh there are the typographical errors on various instruction pages. That’s if you can get to them at all. So I suppose the question to be asked is what good is our government anyway? It appears whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat the moment any of them get involved it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

I suppose people like my cousin’s wife who is suffering with cancer and is apparently waiting for a clinical trial are being hurt and of course the economy won’t benefit from a shutdown. But perhaps it’s time for this country to shut down the politicians. Send them home and tell them we’ll call THEM when we think they’re ready to actually run this country for the good of the people. Take away their paychecks, their free health care, their expense accounts, their free office space, and on and on.

Let’s face it, who WOULDN’T run for office? It’s one hell of a deal. You get an obscene amount of money, limitless perks and you get the chance to screw it up for the hundreds of millions of people who live in the U.S. Who else gets that kind of opportunity?

The politicians – and I mean all of them – ought to really check the pulse of the nation. People are more angry now than I have ever seen them before. A shutdown of our nation. Does it get any worse really?

— Andy Hachadorian


About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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2 Responses to Shutdown? Let’s send THEM all home and we’ll all run the country

  1. Julian Brookes says:

    It’s not “all of them” who are connecting the shutdown to the Affordable Care Act. Only some of them.

  2. Oh you are so totally correct, Sir. I have been saying for YEARS that people in congress should have their paychecks, private jets, multiple homes, etc. taken away so they can see what the rest of us are living like. Some may have come from humble backgrounds but clearly they forget what it’s like to be just an average citizen trying to make it in this country. They should be ashamed of their behavior. They’re not trying to help the American people, they’re only looking to further line their pockets. The Affordable Care Act has nothing to do with the shutdown. They’re using it as a bargaining tool. I know that when I think about what I want out of live, I use the safety and welfare of others to get what I want (insert sarcasm here).

    When I was all of 21 years old my parents’ health care plan dropped me because they created a new statistic that said I should have been out of college, but in reality I wasn’t. I also have a heart condition. So at 21 I was unable to get health care. The ONE company that would have given me a plan wanted something like $1,000 a month for coverage because of my preexisting condition. Where was I going to get that kind of money? I was a full time student, working a part time job for minimum wage… unbelieveable. I eventually had to pay medical expenses out of my own pocket (for medications, doctor visits, etc.) and my debt built up. Now I am 30 and have just recently paid my medical debt off, but that shouldn’t happen to people. I shouldn’t have to worry about how I am going to pay for medication or surgery or even a doctor visit because I am sick. Bargain with something else, not my well being please.

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