Hey Coatesville school district — the Sunshine Law ain’t about the weather

Now you can pull out of the cliché book anything you like: where there’s smoke there’s fire, perception is reality, and on and on.

But when it comes to the Coatesville Area School District and what has transpired in the first two weeks of the school year, all bets are off.

Late last week Superintendent Richard Como announced his resignation via the district’s website. Then days later Senior High School Director of Athletics and Activities Jim Donato left the district. There are reports, rumors for sure, that others are on the way out as well.

So if you hate rumors stay away from this story because the fact that the administration and its poor excuse for a PR person in solicitor James Ellison have refused to divulge a single word about the situation will drive you nuts.

How often have we seen this mentality? The hide and duck and cover mentality didn’t do much good at Penn State now did it? If there are reasons and serious issues that forced the resignations of two of the district’s top people then the public has a right to know. If you have a child in the Coatesville Area School District you should be hopping mad right now.

And let’s not even go down the road that the media is just picking on Coatesville again. We’ve answered those finger-pointers for years now. If Coatesville wants to stay off the front page of the newspaper then the city and/or school district shouldn’t call attention to themselves. Don’t do dumb things, don’t do silly things, just fly under the radar.

And I am sorry to say that two top district administrators quitting a week or so into a new school year certainly raised an eyebrow or two.

I suppose the biggest beef here is the attitude of the members of the school board, the administration still left and especially the solicitor. Sitting in Harrisburg away from the real battlefield is easy. There are people who pay taxes to the Coatesville Area School District who want and who deserve answers to what the heck is going on in their district.

Telling a reporter that she has no right to tell you what to do or how to do your job is sickening. If everyone points the media to the solicitor as the spokesman for the district then you better open your mouth and say something – anything – even if it comes out of both sides of your mouth. Something is better than nothing.

To think that hiding out or staying silent isn’t going to hurt you or create unnecessary suspicion is silly at the least and stupid at worst.

But hey, keep on keeping quiet.

Meanwhile I understand there’s a meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10. I urge EVERY parent of a child in the Coatesville Area School District to be there. Bring questions and demands. Leave the tempers at home and the emotion at the door.

But do not accept silence. Do not accept the excuse that it can’t be discussed. There are certainly items surrounding this mess that can be discussed and revealed to the public. That is the law and it’s about time those in charge in the Coatesville schools start obeying the law.

— Andy Hachadorian


About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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2 Responses to Hey Coatesville school district — the Sunshine Law ain’t about the weather

  1. Cindy Englerth says:

    It is high time for the Coatesville Area School District to answers questions, be forth coming, transparent….what ever you would like to call it! The tax payers and residents of the district deserve to know what is going on!

    If these employees of the district that are resigning or retiring, so suddenly, did if fact do half or what is rumored than they should be FIRED!! Tax payers should not be responsible for paying for low life’s that have violated everyone’s trust including the most important of all our children!

    After all, this is ALL still about our children’s EDUCATION and not extra curricular activities or anything else.
    Having the LOWEST testing scores in the entire state of PA…..something needs to be done!!

    I am second guessing my decision to even have my children continue at Coatesville Area School District and have already made calls to find an alternative!

  2. LizinCaln says:

    We have every right to know what is going on and to say that the handling has been “bungled” is being generous.

    That being said, we do not have anywhere near the lowest test scores in the state, nor are test scores best evaluated in a vacuum anyway. We have a higher percentage of socioeconomic disadvantaged students than other schools in the county, but the teachers have done a great job helping all kids learn, regardless of whether they have been well prepared for school, have support at home, have eaten breakfast, etc.

    My kids are getting a great education here and I am not pulling them from their elementary school because of antics at the administration level. I am demanding answers and resolution.

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