A sad story but one that shows people are still good at heart

Ronnie Polaneczky is a columnist for the Philly Daily News. I have found that most of the time she is writing about what she sees as injustices for Joe Average Citizen. Whether it’s a traffic court issue or other wrongs she is on top of it. Sometimes people give her a lot of crap for what she writes. Frankly, I give her credit because her kind of writing is slowly disappearing.

Last week she wrote a column about a young lady named Linda Belz. Belz is a woman who is dying from ovarian cancer. As Ronnie wrote (here’s the link: http://bit.ly/14wKnVH) doctors have told Belz there is nothing more they can do for her – she is going to die soon – and that is just so, so sad. From all accounts Belz is a wonderful, caring person who worries more about everyone else than she does for herself.

The proof is the column Ronnie wrote. Belz told the columnist that her biggest worry was that her parents would have the burden of paying for her funeral after she passes away.

She hoped that somehow she would be able to raise the funds. Her goal, Ronnie wrote, was to raise $9,000 to cover the funeral and other medical bills.

According to Ronnie, more than $10,500 has been raised through a page on gofundme.com that a friend set up. But that’s not all…

From Ronnie’s column:

“But independent fundraisers are pulling in money, too.

“Kiddie Garden Daycare in Fishtown held an all-day bake sale Tuesday for Linda, covering the cupcakes in teal-colored frosting, since teal is the “awareness” color for ovarian cancer. By 4 p.m., it had raised more than $700.

“A group called ‘Comedians for a Cause’ is holding a comedy night Friday at the Arts Parlor in South Philly, with all proceeds going to Linda.

“S&C Sweet Factory in Port Richmond is selling “Lollies 4 Linda,” and Penn Treaty Middle School is doing a dress-down jean-day funder.

“Local photographer Judy Newton is auctioning off a family photo shoot – a $300 value – to benefit Linda. Fishtown and Port Richmond bars are organizing 50-50 raffles. And the softball tournament organized for Linda by the Philadelphia Sport and Social Club has already signed up four teams for a May 18-19 tournament.

“The list goes on, but you get the point. Linda’s story has deeply touched not just her friends and neighbors in Port Richmond, where she has lived her whole life, but strangers, too.”

I suppose the point of all this is that while we wait for law enforcement to arrest the scum who decided to bomb the Boston Marathon – and they will – there are still really good people out there. There are the people all raising money for Linda Belz and there is Linda Belz who is worried that her parents will have to struggle to pay for her funeral.

Seriously. And the greatest part of this is that the people came through for Linda Belz. Like the first responders who ran into the bombing chaos at the Boston Marathon. And those who gave blood, and those who helped the injured.

Yes sometimes the world really stinks. And then we all feel lousy. And then Ronnie writes a story about a terminally ill cancer patient who cares more about her parents than her own life and people gives tons of money to help.

Good news for a change.

From Linda in Ronnie’s column:

“I’m hoping it will be fabulous in heaven and that I’ll be reunited with my aunts and uncles, and grandpop and grandmom,” she says. “I just wish it wasn’t happening so soon. But I guess God chose a different path for me.”

This is true. There are paths for all of us. Yes, events like Boston’s bombing make us think twice about what the hell is going on here and now. But keep the faith. It is people like Linda Belz who keep us going. And thanks to Ronnie for telling her story.

— Andy Hachadorian

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I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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