Bradley Michael Fox Jr. arrives in this world … and his dad should have been here


Bradley Michael Fox Jr. has no idea yet but I think it’s safe to say that he is a special young boy to a lot of people and he’ll always represent something very important.

For young Mr. Fox is the son of Plymouth Township Police Officer Brad Fox who was gunned down last Sept. 13 while pursuing one of the really bad guys. The young Fox was born on March 25 and weighed in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces. His mom Lynsay is fine.

The last time I saw her was at the benefit hockey game held at Center Ice in Oaks. She carried her daughter Kadence onto the ice at the end of the game and kept up a happy face despite all of the attention I’m sure she would have been glad to give up.

My ties as I have written about are that I officiated some of the men’s league hockey games that involved the Blueliners team, of which Fox was a member. His brother still plays and in fact, was on the ice last week during another game I officiated.

Despite our goal of being objective officials – and I am – I still couldn’t help but still feel sorry for Brad’s brother. He plays hard, has a smile on his face even when I was giving him a friendly hard time about some things that took place during the game. I have an awesome respect for police and firefighters. They perform jobs I know I could never do.

But for all of the respect I have for them, I think I have more for Brad Fox’ wife. During the time of this horrendous twist of fate for her and her family – and Brad’s family – she kept up a brave face, a smile and a confidence about her which I’m sure she felt she needed to show the world. In spite of the senseless murder of her husband, she was determined not to let it show – at least to rest of us.

Having four kids myself, though, I know having a child is an event for husband and wife. It’s a team effort. And while the wives do all the hard work, we husbands try to do what we can with moral support, coaching or whatever else we can do without getting in the way.

That had to be the hardest part for the slain officer’s wife. I’m certain she had plenty of love and support and someone there as she delivered this baby boy. But unfortunately it was not the same. For the little bit I came to know of Brad Fox, no matter what, he would have been there for Lynsay probably cracking jokes the whole time.

And that’s what the shooter took away. This person with no conscience, no feelings and obviously no respect for the law, snuffed out the life of a quality human being. Officer Fox was a person who was willing to go out on the streets every day to protect our safety and he paid the ultimate sacrifice. That’s what we ask of our public servants and they do it without the expectation of anything in return.

Lynsay says this on “Brad and I spent 8 years together before he made the ultimate sacrifice. I can honestly say that it was the best 8 years I could have asked for. He was not only my husband, but my absolute best friend, soul mate, and most importantly, my hero.

“Our children will be reminded each and every day how incredible their daddy was and how proud he made his family. I look forward to the day that I can share all the amazing times we spent together and how much he truly loved us.”

My problem is that eight years wasn’t nearly enough. This was a man just in the beginnings of his life with his wife and kids and he was deserving of more.

That just isn’t going to happen.

But thanks to Bradley Michael Fox Jr. perhaps his mom, sister, friends, family and co-workers in law enforcement will be able to look into this little guy’s eyes and see his dad. True, he’ll never know him in person.

But with all of those around him who loved and respected his dad, it will almost like Brad Fox is there. It’s not perfect but it will be pretty good for him. He’ll know him more than he will realize through all of us, even an old, slow hockey ref.

Congratulations Brad and Lynsay Fox.

— Andy Hachadorian





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