When does the death and destruction end? Will it ever end?

Connecticut School Shooting

We have all had this debate before. Guns. No guns. Tougher gun control laws. Less restrictive gun control laws.

And then more people are gunned down.

A movie theater in Colorado. A mall in Oregon. This time an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Nearly 30 people dead including 18 children. And I’m sure that number will grow. It happened this morning. It happened at a place where kids are supposed to be safe. Doors at most schools these days are locked down tight.

Reports are out there that the gunman – also apparently shot to death – was a 20-year-old with ties to the elementary school. So the question is there: how in the hell did this happen? How did someone gain access to a place where kids are supposed to be safe?

I must say that I am tired of reading these stories. I am tired of hearing about the gunmen armed to the teeth invading our safe places – movie theaters, malls, schools – leaving nothing but death and destruction in their paths. I am tired of this.

And I don’t want to hear the politicians argue about gun control. I am tired of listening to those supporting gun ownership and I am tired of those arguing against gun ownership.

I just want the death and destruction to stop. I want it to stop. I want it to end and I want someone to do something about it now. No congressional panels, no subcommittee hearings. I want something to happen to stop this.

The system of controlling guns and keeping them out of the hands of people like this isn’t working well enough. Sure, it stops some people but it doesn’t stop them all. And damn it, almost isn’t good enough.

Tonight there will be dozens of parents going to bed having lost their children. Elementary school children. There will likely be large bags inside closets filled with unwrapped gifts for the holidays that those kids will never see, never play with, never fight with their siblings about sharing.

The dinners coming up shortly would have been toasted with good friends, family, sharing old memories and making new ones. For dozens of people this time of year will remind them of nothing but the nightmare that ended with the shooting deaths of their children.

The winter days moving forward would have been experienced with moms yelling at the sons and daughters to wear their heavy coats. The runny noses, the colds, the sports they kids would have played followed by the longing for the warm, spring days. Baseball and dance recitals.

For dozens of people – the parents of these tiny victims – it’s over. Those memories are gone. They have been snuffed out by the barrels of guns, the bullets, the carnage.

So when is it going to be enough. When will this end? Will it ever end?

Who the hell in this country is going to step up and put a stop to this? I just can’t believe that we all have to continue living our lives knowing – knowing – that on any given day this is going to happen again. And it will happen again. And again. And again.

New safe places will be the scenes of guns, blood, death. What next? The neighborhood swimming pool? The basketball courts? The library? It will happen. I don’t want it to but it’s going to happen.

So here is the warning for everyone out there in our world. At some point – maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day – someone with an argument or chip on their shoulder or deep-rooted anger is going to pick up a weapon and he or she is going to kill someone. Or two. Or maybe dozens like today in Newtown, Connecticut.

There will be more tears, more deaths, more funerals. There will be mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunt and uncles and cousins bidding farewell to some innocent victim who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So then what? What’s going to happen? Is anyone ready to step up? Is there anyone on this planet who is as tired of this as me?

You know my family at times drives me nuts. My wife, my kids, my friends and/or relatives. They make me crazy to the point that I want to just scream and pull my hair out.

But you know what else? None of them and nothing they could ever do would ever make me want to see their faces as the victims of this crap. Nothing. Never.

Please, please. Someone do something. Someone step up and end the carnage…

In the meantime, I would tell you to go home tonight to those people who drive you crazy and hug them. Hold them tight and put disgusting, wet kisses on their cheeks until they can’t complain any more. Tell them you love them. Tell them they’re the most important people on the planet. And then go to bed realizing that tomorrow it could all change.

It’s a horrific world we live in right now. There’s no value to life which is precious beyond belief.

It’s gotten to the point where I just stare at the TV screen. No tears. Just disbelief. I will never understand man’s inhumanity to man. I don’t understand. I just know I want it to stop…

— Andy Hachadorian


About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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One Response to When does the death and destruction end? Will it ever end?

  1. mrsalbrecht says:


    What is clear is that there are hurting people in this world who need love and help. It’s easy to condemn violence (who wouldn’t?), but it takes courage and commitment to help people who are suffering to walk with them and help turn their lives around before they in turn hurt others. As the nation hears more about this tragedy, I hope that our President will boldly say, “If you are suffering, I plead with you : Do not take it out on lives of innocent people, especially children. Please get help.” I hope that churches and counseling groups not only offer services to distraught families and bystanders, but also realize that there is a need to counsel those who are considering hurting others.

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