Would you toss trash in your living room or bedroom? Well, maybe you would…

“i guess we should change the name now from West Chester to Singapore 2.0”

“Hitler was enamored of anti-tobacco regulation.”

“Why stop at $100, make it $1000 or death? Especially for the a-h’s that dump their ashtrays at the red lights, or just drop the butts out their cars. Yes, Singapore comes to mind. Abuse your freedom and you end up in a dictatorship. With freedom comes responsibility – but anymore it seems that – to quote Frank Zappa – “free is when you don’t have to pay for nothin’ or do nothin’ – we wanna be free – free as the wind…” Everything is somebody else’s fault or responsibility.”

“Gee, how will the police get DNA from uncooperative criminals?”

“r they gonna hire a Butt Squad to enforce this law ? another burden to tax payers .”

As I have said to a couple of little kids fussing and fighting: Are you guys done now?

The above comments come courtesy of the Daily Local News Facebook page. The comments relate to the news story about West Chester Borough Council adopting an ordinance that gives law enforcement the right to fine anyone who improperly disposes of cigarette butts.

By the tone of the comments it’s clear that there a lot of people who don’t find the issue to be much of a problem. Yes, it’s fun to make jokes and clearly people have shown all sorts of creative uses of the word “butt.”

But to someone who isn’t a smoker, sometimes finding cigarette butts all over the place is pretty disgusting. It’s littering plain and simple.

Daily Local reporter Jeremy Gerrard wrote that Borough Council President Holly Brown finds the issue a problem.

“We have a problem with the cleanliness of our streets and it is a costly problem,” council President Holly Brown said at Wednesday’s meeting.

Effective in 30 days, the ordinance is an amendment to the borough’s existing “garbage, rubbish and refuse” code, which establishes a minimum fine of $100 for those who discard a cigarette butt or other tobacco materials in a public place.

The ordinance passed through council with a unanimous vote. Councilman Chuck Christy did voice concern over the need for more cigarette containers. Christy said bars and restaurants should be encouraged to put out containers to discourage improper disposal and keep the streets clean.

“I just think that would be the first step,” Christy said. “Give someone actually a place to put their cigarette butt.”


I don’t disagree with that. If we’re going to ask people to toss the butts into the trash then at least give them a place to accomplish that.

I guess what bugs me is that people find this issue something funny and don’t evidently give a lick about littering or their town. However, I am going to imagine that these same people are the ones who visit fast-food restaurants and toss the paper wrappers out of their car windows.

Sure, a separate ordinance addressing cigarette butts may be over the top a bit but I get the logic. People, we have to start taking pride in our town. If you want to smoke, go ahead. But is it too much to ask to toss the butts into a trash can?

And no, it’s not becoming a police state to ask you to do that. And no, you won’t be cuffed and tossed into the back of a police car and no, no, no to any other dumb remark.

It’s a matter of wanting your town to look nice. Think of it this way: would you walk through your living room or bedroom and just toss trash around? I would think not – but judging by some of the moronic comments, perhaps some people would.

That’s scary.

So I suppose it’s with my 100 percent endorsement that the West Chester law enforcement community should give anyone breaking this law a ticket. I can’t wait for the first hearing before the judge on this one…

— Andy Hachadorian

About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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