Coming down to the wire when it comes to the Pocopson Home …

This is the beginning of a story by Daily Local News reporter Michael Rellahan concerning the Pocopson Home…

The Chester County commissioners said Wednesday they anticipate a decision on the future ownership and operational role of the county in Pocopson Home will come before the end of 2012.

But what that decision will be is still up in the air, the trio said in response to questions following their morning work session.

 The commissioners are waiting for the results of a study outlining how they could transfer the long-term care facility to a non-profit corporation that would run the day-to-day operations there but overseen by the county, and an analysis on the possibility of bringing in new revenue at the facility by offering additional services

”I think we need to have all the facts before us before we can make a decision,” said commissioners Chairman Terence Farrell.

Here’s a link to the whole story:

OK, very simply what is the rush? Why does this decision have to be made by the end of the year? It’s mid-September and the study results are not yet known. Those results are needed and then more public sessions are promised.

I am guessing it’s a question of the budget but why not budget the money for the improvements needed and then at least the money is there? If the decision means no need for the budgeted amount then so be it. Or maybe it doesn’t work that way.

If there is one saving grace it’s the statement from Vice Chairwoman Kathi Cozzone who said she had personally ruled out the outright sale of the property to a private contractor.

“For me, it is not an option,” Cozzone said. “We heard from a lot of our constituents, not just this year but also in the past” about what should be done at Pocopson, she said, including three hearings the commissioners sponsored this spring. “I believe we can find a way to significantly reduce or eliminate the county’s subsidy (of the facility), but do think that it is a service we need to provide.”

Well at least there’s one voice of reason.

My beef earlier this year was that it seemed to me that at least one of the commissioners was just looking to dump what they felt was a “white elephant.” The appearance was that the obligation to our older, maybe less fortunate residents of Chester County didn’t exist.

And that’s dead wrong. These people paid their share of taxes over the years and the county needs to continue to do its part when it comes to this kind of service. Period.

My feeling is that there’s no rush. If the county wants to make huge changes in terms of the operations and processes then don’t rush it. Take good time and do it right the first time. The worst thing would be to hastily make a choice that affects hundreds of people – and then regret it later.

There are a lot of older people at Pocopson who are counting on the county leadership to do them right. They are feeling nervous waiting to see the outcome of this saga.

Please, please don’t disappoint them.

Do the right thing. Do it in good time. Make the good decision the first time. It’s easier to do it the right way once then to try and fix a huge mistake.

— Andy Hachadorian





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2 Responses to Coming down to the wire when it comes to the Pocopson Home …

  1. Alex Herrera says:

    I agree completely. Pocopson has been a jewel in Chester County’s crown. It needs to be saved.

  2. Diana C. says:

    I agree. Pocopson is a much needed resource in the county. To see a decision hastily made without publicly weighing all of the options would be a disaster to the residents and the employees. This home provides a much needed service to our seniors who have paid taxes and made Chester County what it is today. I think that given the opportunity, the employees and residents would have many valuable ideas that would boost revenue. For instance, very few people in the area know that the cafeteria is open to the public and offers top notch food at very reasonable prices. Lenape Forge is right down the road, there are several small shops and offices in the area. How about the possibility of doing an awareness campaign that includes handing out menus with prices and hours to these neighboring businesses. Boost the lunch time revenue and traffic???

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