Getting worked up about chalk in the streets?

To me, this one is a head scratcher. And I really try and understand peoples’ logic when they make decisions…

Up in Bucks County, police cited an 18-year-old man and a 17-year-old last week for drawing a whale and sea turtles in white chalk. Not on a building, not on a car, not on a sidewalk – but in the street.

Here’s a link to a related editorial in the Doylestown Intelligencer:

Here are the basics of the story courtesy of the Intelligencer:

“The Intelligencer reports Friday that 18-year-old Connor Logan and a 17-year-old friend drew a whale and sea turtles in a local parking lot.

“Doylestown police Chief James Donnelly says although chalk washes off, the drawings are ‘an attempt at vandalism.’

“He also says the doodles might link the teens to chalk graffiti on buildings and businesses in town.

“Logan tells the newspaper that he found the chalk in the parking lot Tuesday night while waiting for friends. He says he’s never done graffiti and thought his drawings were ‘harmless.’

“The teens face summary citations, which come with a fine to be determined by a district judge.”

Far be it for me to tell the Doylestown cops what to do but it sure seems like there are more serious crimes to deal with than a couple of kids chalking a whale and turtles on a street. Heck, unless the whale and turtles were using bad language, what’s the big deal?

I get it that the police want to discourage bad behavior and stop graffiti and vandalism before it starts but is this the story they’re going to repeat at the local FOP hall? Me thinks not.

If the police saw these two with spray paint cans or something along those lines I’d say definitely take some action. But white chalk? Are we really worried about white chalk in the street? And pictures of whales and turtles?

Sorry but I’m not too concerned. Especially when we’re getting summer rain storms about every other day Mother Nature would have (and did) take care of the problem there.

I want my police to be on their toes and be on the alert for crimes but this one to me falls into the category of “eh.”

— Andy Hachadorian


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I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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2 Responses to Getting worked up about chalk in the streets?

  1. More like totally overzealous and image what those 2 teens now think of the police? And, what the heck happened to “fun?” (shakes head and goes back to her coffee and scribbling).

  2. bob says:

    ok I understand your feelings but if it is another persons property then it is vandalization and tresspassing. So I understand the reason behind it but it all looks so crazy because they sell sidewalk chalk so why would anyone think it is wrong to do it?

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