RVs on the beaches in Wildwood? That’s the plan

Just when you think you’ve heard the dumbest idea ever, you’re surprised with an idea that’s even worse.

From my friends at the Atlantic City Press, here’s a portion of an article on their website – which by the way can be seen in full by clicking here: http://bit.ly/NMvi71

The article, by reporter Trudi Gilfillian:

“A planned protest over the city’s decision to allow recreational vehicles to park on the beach has its own legal challenge.

“Property owners at Wildwood Ocean Towers, a 10-story, 176-unit building that fronts the Boardwalk between Cresse and Bennett avenues, oppose the plan to allow 80 RVs to park on the beach near their homes. They received permission from the city to hold a protest Saturday.

“’The overall message we want to get across is to not allow the city to do this,’ condominium association President Bob Grandinetti said.

Basically there is a plan being pushed that would allow 80 RVs to be on the beach as part of a comprehensive programming and improvement plan for the city’s beaches.

According to the article, in a document created by Remington, Vernick & Walberg Engineers, the city details its plan to turn the vast beach into a hub of activity. Possibilities include cabana rentals, fire pits, outdoor movies, surfing, beach bars, a fitness beach, rollerskating and rollerblading.

The goal of the plan is to “transform the beach (and Boardwalk) and reinforce the Wildwoods’ position as a leader in family oriented entertainment,” the reporter quotes from the document.

The city, which has yet to introduce its 2012 budget, has been struggling to develop revenue streams. According to the state Department of Community Affairs’ Division of Local Government Services, municipal budgets were supposed to be introduced by March 9 and adopted by April 4.

Now granted, Wildwood is looking to utilize its enormous beaches to generate cash for the municipality. I get that. There are probably dozens of ideas that could be dreamed up to make money.

However, snobbery aside, I don’t think the RVs on the beach idea is at the top of the bad idea list.

Having been someone who journeys to the Jersey shore for most of not all my life, I’ve seen stuff on the beach. Now there are concerts, fireworks, all sorts of things. Never in my wildest dreams could I envision 80 RVs sitting on the beach, despite the size of Wildwood’s beaches.

And in my humble opinion, Wildwood has done a great job in changing its image. It cleaned up neighborhoods, its roads and bridges are new, all sorts of improvements. It has tried to push out the family atmosphere image.

I still do enjoy walking the boardwalk at night looking at some of the rather interesting people, their clothes and the hairstyles, oh my, the hair styles. It’s funny and quite entertaining.

But I can actually imagine the nightmare of RVs sitting on the sand. It’s nothing against RVs. I love RVs. I have never driven one but have stayed in them plenty of times. It’s just that they don’t belong on the beach.

I am thinking that people will yell at the owners of the Ocean Towers saying they’re the snobs. And to that point, I would agree. They don’t want the RVs there for that reason for sure.

But to me, there’s much more to it. And one issue has to be safety. Do we really want RVs on the beach breaking down? Flat tires? And heaven help us when someone knucklehead decides to get his rig too close to the water. Don’t think it can happen? Oh it will.

Plus what about fluids leaking onto the sand, things like that. I agree with Wildwood officials on two fronts: make good use of the huge beach and give the RV folks some place to land. But the beach isn’t it.

Without giving the snobs a reason to believe their attitudes are appropriate, Wildwood should scrap the RVs on the beach idea. Think of different ways to make money.

— Andy Hachadorian


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I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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