New York City, Day 2: the sights, the sounds, the people

So today I …

Fist bumped Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Had my photo taken with Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Marilyn Monroe. OK, they were made of wax.

Saw an old lady naked playing a guitar. Uh, that one I could have done without.

While we’re discussing nakedness, saw a dude dressed like an Indian without much on … banging on a, well, a drum.

Took about a half dozen photos for people, half of whom I couldn’t understand a word they were saying except that they wanted me to take their picture.

Saw myself on a televised something-or-other on the side of a building in Times Square. Definitely need to start counting calories.

Nodded to every NYPD guy I saw…tried to acknowledge a member of the armed forces without success.

Heard a few dozen different languages…didn’t understand anything but figured out they were ALL having a great time.

Took New York public transit and actually HAD A CLUE where I was going.

Saw the offices of the Korean Times and no, didn’t apply for a job.

Noticed that a bride and groom got their picture taken in Times Square. OK, not exactly creative but still cool and something to tell the grandkids.

Wondered how much money changes hands in one day in New York City.

Wondered why it takes reservations three weeks in advance for Serendipity in Little Italy. OK, Bill Clinton has been there along with some other “beautiful people,” but c’mon, three weeks?

Saw a dude yelling at one of the young guys selling tickets to the sightseeing buses and wanted to call him an idiot (or something more severe) for being such an ass in public.

Saw some cute little kids in the M&M store, one of which was carrying an M&M airplane like his life depended on it.

Spent more than two hours laughing at “Sister Act,” and really thought it WAS funny. And that came after spending 20 minutes in line at that half-price Broadway ticket joint. That’s the only way to go people.

For a moment thought EVERYONE in New York has a tattoo. Me included. Not true however.

Took a brief cab ride and saw many periods of my life flash before my eyes. I threw the guy the tip and ran for my life. Although I must admit he had some courage flying through the streets the way he did.

So those are the highlights of Day 2 of my NYC trek. I am getting to like it more and more each day. I could definitely live without a car. Public transit is the most brilliant invention man has ever come up with other than the cell phone.

The food is awesome everywhere. The smells are amazing. Well, most of them that is.

We ate at Angelo’s which is next to the Ed Sullivan Theatre, home to my favorite late-night host, David Letterman. I tried to sneak in a visit for a taping but was too late. The ravioli, however, at Angelo’s were great.

So that’s about it for now.

Tomorrow things get serious. We’re looking to go to the 9/11 Memorial…

— Andy Hachadorian


About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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