OK, I admit it…I DO love New York

OK, so I must admit I have changed my mind about New York and New Yorkers.

There was a time – and a blog post – in which I said I just didn’t like the city or the people here. I didn’t like the crowds, the streets, even the cops. Well, that was ignorant and ill-informed of me.

Once I was able to actually relax and “ride the rails” in New York I found myself enjoying it. The people were ALL nice and helpful.

I traveled to NYC with my wife and daughter for a little trip to mark her high school graduation. Just a few days we figured.

We drove to Princeton Junction to hop the train to the city. Now parking will forever be an issue no matter where I go. Whether it’s West Chester, Philly or what, parking is just a pain. I ended up parking in the driveway of an upholstery shop near the train station. (Apparently, it’s a neighborhood secret that I stumbled on). So for twenty bucks, my car is sitting in his parking lot.

Once we got to Penn Station, I needed all sorts of directions to figure out how the heck to get to Queens. Easy enough. Just asked a couple of people and they directed me. No attitude, no lip. It was pretty cool actually. We finally got the E train to Queens Plaza and hopped a cab because I had no clue where to go and there was no one to really ask.

Well, it didn’t matter. We got here and the guys at the desk were even nice. I guess it’s a matter of being nice to people first and most of the time they will be nice to you. We took a train back into the city and went to the famous Lombardi’s Pizza on Spring Street. The pizza there is world famous and came with a recommendation from my buddy Steve. Good recommendation. We had a pie with extra cheese, sweet peppers on one half, plain on the other half for the picky high school graduate.

After pizza we headed back uptown. With lots of help again, we navigated to 49th and Broadway where we walked around and found Rockefeller Center. We went to the top and were able to look at the whole city from 67 floors up. An awesome view.

We walked around some more and with even MORE direction assistance managed to get back to the place where we’re staying but not before I helped a homeless lady wheel a giant suitcase across a major street so she didn’t get run over.

Tomorrow is another adventure!

But after Day One, I Love New York! (I just hope they like me back after all the nasty things I said…)

— Andy Hachadorian

About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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One Response to OK, I admit it…I DO love New York

  1. Keely says:

    You may not like NYC at first, but it’ll get you in the end!!!

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