Another Eagles press conference lovefest…say it ain’t so

I only talk about sports here when I think it’s important. Sports are a big part of the lives of a lot of people — mine included.

But in the big picture, sports are what they are. They are games. It’s competition, one on one, team versus team, school versus school and city versus city.

But sometimes I just get so annoyed with the sports scene. For example, the Eagles are more or less parting company with Joe Banner, now ex-president.

Now instead of just having Jeffrey Lurie issue a press release, have a brief press conference, there’s the “big show.” Lurie, Banner, Andy Reid and Don Smolenski all showed up for a press conference that was worth all of about five minutes.

Instead it turned into the typical Eagles lovefest. Andy’s great, Jeffrey is great, Joe is great and Don is so darned smart.

Fellows, here’s a clue — just win a Super Bowl. I don’t care if Andy of Mayberry is coaching the team or if Joe Camel is the president. Please stop boring us with all of the smokescreens of the Eagles front office inner workings. I for one could care less.

Sign the best players, hire the best coaches, build the best facilities and then just go about your business. We don’t need 45-minute press conferences telling us why Joe Banner is a genius and a great guy. If everything was so great, he wouldn’t be leaving now would he? And don’t tell us he wanted new challenges. We hear that stuff all the time. It’s hogwash.

It’s time to move on. There are new, younger guys in place now. Great. Now win. Please.

— Andy Hachadorian

About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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