You want to know how the Pocopson home residents feel? Go for a visit … I did

I took a road trip – albeit a short one – to the Pocopson Home today. After all, it was a beautiful spring afternoon, perfect to be outside of the office. Blue skies, sunshine, no wind to speak of.

I met with a bunch of residents there. They were all excited to see the editor of the newspaper come for a visit and heck, how often are news people welcomed by crowds? I can tell you not very often. (Keep checking for the video…)

They were all assembled in a bright room where there were plenty of available snacks. I had no lunch by the way, but I resisted the giant box of Swedish Fish.

I talked to them briefly about their plight, about the potential changes from Pocopson being a county-run facility to, well, something else. You see there is no Plan B in writing for sure, at least not yet.

And obviously it’s an audience that loves where they live. But isn’t that what this is about? That is, the opinions of the residents, of those who live there? It seems that way to me.

Each and every one of them stated their case to me – and in no uncertain terms. None of them wants to see a change in its operation and their personal stories of love for the facility, the workers, and each other drove at least one employee to tears.

That is something that as of this minute I’m not sure the government leaders have seen. I’m not sure that they get that feeling, that emotion, that devotion of staff to the residents there at the Pocopson Home.

And that comfort level, that feeling of security and happiness is not something they could fake. No one could. Their feelings were genuine.

And as a caregiver myself for quite a long time, there’s no better feeling than knowing when you leave a place like a Pocopson Home that you can return to your own home knowing that everything is OK. And that has no price tag.

Speaking of the Pocopson Home and the county government, I did find it ironic that the cost per county resident for the Pocopson Home is a mere 16 cents more per citizen than the cost associated with the county commissioners operations.

Just saying.

There will be more meetings on this issue. Of that we have been assured. But that is all that has been promised. But we’ll keep watching and we’ll keep commenting and asking for your opinions.

— Andy Hachadorian

Click here to view the county department costs: Chester County departmental costs

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I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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7 Responses to You want to know how the Pocopson home residents feel? Go for a visit … I did

  1. SuzieQ2012 says:

    Andy, it seems like you enjoy talking to your self, but ignore any commentaries. Why is that?

  2. BP says:

    It is great that you were able to visit Pocopson Home, Andy! I hope that the two or three people who expressed an interest in no longer providing this vital service to our community have already been able to visit Pocopson Home before they formed their opinion, to see for themselves what a wonderful place has been created by the residents, families, volunteers and staff. Don’t privatize Pocopson Home.

  3. BP says:

    And thank you for the illuminating costs link, where we learn that the commissioners need nearly the same amount from the taxpayers as Pocospson does to fund their operations. Astounding that the commissioners assert that they are not singling out Pocopson. These costs provide important context.

    Your link also confirms what was expressed by a taxpayer at the second Pocopson Home meeting: That the prison costs taxpayers over $25 million, and Pocopson just over $1 million. Sadly, the commissioners displayed their complete lack of knowledge about these importanat budget figues.

    I encourage taxpayers to review the budget and see where various service items fall in relation to one another, and then see if Pocopson Home warrants this treatment, based on what it costs each taxpayer. Do not privatize Pocopson Home. Please visit and learn why it is such a success. Let’s not let our jewel slip away . . .

  4. Dancer says:

    Typical liberal blog, suppress anything not in line with your opinion.

    • I didn’t realize that having an opinion then immediately determined your political status. So if I oppose gun control, or I favor gun control, or if I oppose abortion or support a woman’s right to have an abortion, it then tells you what political party I am affiliated with? Am I not allowed to have an opinion? It’s a shame that people like you jump so quickly to silly conclusions without knowing what you’re talking about. At least people know my name — even if they don’t agree with my opinions. Yours?

  5. Rosemary Bauer, RN says:

    Thank you for coming. The Residents were so pleased to have you. Stop by any time!

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