Thousands of votes say Chester County needs to keep Pocopson as is … attend tonight’s meeting

A little more than five hours from now it’s likely that the Downingtown East High School will be packed to the walls with people.

It won’t be for a play, a musical or an athletic event.

What it will be is another public session/meeting concerning the future of the Pocopson Home, the county-operated facility for the elderly. Following a recent meeting where nearly 300 people attended, tonight’s meeting is the second to listen to the public as to the future of Pocopson.

The debate concerns whether or not Chester County could, should or can continue to operate the facility based on current and anticipated government funding from the likes of Medicare and Medicaid. The commissioners are considering the potential and future of keeping Pocopson under the eye of the county.

At the first meeting, dozens of people including those who reside at Pocopson as well those who work there pleaded to the commissioners to keep it under county operations. Many referred to the facility as the “jewel of Chester County.”

Last week the Daily Local News published a coupon online and in the newspaper asking people to make a choice and let us know their feelings.

Since then we have received thousands of coupons from people all over the county. As of this minute, there are two people so far out of the thousands who voted who feel giving up operations of Pocopson is a good idea.

Of course the critics will say it’s stuffing the ballot box. However, there is equal opportunity to stuff it from both sides of the argument. And that didn’t happen.

Sometimes government needs to do what it thinks is right and sometimes the government needs to listen to its citizens. I feel this is one of those times.

Apparently so do thousands of others. The question is will the commissioners listen? Or is the deck already stacked and the decision made?

Attend tonight’s meeting and let them know how you feel.

— Andy Hachadorian

About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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5 Responses to Thousands of votes say Chester County needs to keep Pocopson as is … attend tonight’s meeting

  1. wktkw says:

    I am curius to see if the commis offer answers to any of the questions that were posed in the first meeting.A new budget is going to the Pa house soon which will decrease the cut to county human services by 50% if it is passed.How can the commisioners make any kind of decision regarding the future when so much is unknown? The public needs to pressure the commis to make a long term ,firm commitment to the current and future residents of Pocopson Home because it is the right thing to do.

  2. wktkw says:

    I forgot to mention -the two votes for giving up Pocopson were from Costello and Ferrell

  3. It was great to see so many concerned citizens turn out for the meeting, both in assent and dissent to the proposals. It turns out that Delaware County privatized their county nursing home and after only ONE year the county took it back. Let’s not get into the same situation in Chester County.

  4. More interesting news about Fair Acres in Delaware County. Apparently, Premier Healthcare managed that home for the past year. Now the county is taking it back. Very interesting that Premier is conducting the study of Pocopson when they could in fact become its new owner.

  5. BP says:

    Quote from Andy’s blog post above:
    “Of course the critics will say it’s stuffing the ballot box. However, there is equal opportunity to stuff it from both sides of the argument. And that didn’t happen.”

    Here, just a bit past the 45 minute mark, is Commissioner Costello’s comment a few days ago on the DLN poll regarding Pocopson Home:

    The commissioner gives the bag of ballots a brief tug or two, and thanks the DLN for delivering the poll results. Then he immediately suggests what was predicted. He notes some envelopes contained more than one ballot, but says nevertheless they’ll have a look at the ballots anyway. And then he makes a comment about “saving on postage” that way. This backhanded compliment came off as insincere and critical. That is the spirit in which to accept a message from the public? And the only observation to be made is to disparage the people’s efforts?

    The poll was not meant to be scientific, but it is one of many ways the public is trying to communicate with their elected commissioners on their thoughts about Pocopson Home. It would be much better if the commissioner could see the ballots in that light. In those ballots are represented people’s hopes for Pocopson Home, and the efforts of some people to raise support in their own neighborhoods.

    Commissioners, on receiving the message contained in these ballots, please look beyond the form, and try to see the substance there.

    Pocopson’s 2012 budget only cost the taxpayer’s 1/3 of 1% (that’s just 33/10,000’s!!) of our overall $422 miilion budget. Do not privatize Pocopson Home.

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