This nose will be the death of me

OK, so it’s been since Tuesday that I went “under the knife” for some sinus repairs. It turns out that there were some issues with the honker that kept leaving me with sinus infections, congestion, major league snoring and a host of other nostril-related ailments.

So after more than two hours, I was done. Wheeled into recovery I slowly came out of the anesthesia fog which by the way has to be the strangest feeling I have ever known. This was the second time for me and I really am not a huge fan. It’s pretty scary feeling yourself dashing into another mental zone. You have no control, no memory of anything and it’s pretty much a black hole.

My wife and the nurse stuck me into the car and I was off to my house, still feeling pretty wobbly and out of it.

All I read about this surgery was that I would feel like a new man. Everyone raves about how much better you can breathe, how much better you feel, and on and on. So far, well, my nose still feels like I went 10 rounds with Tyson and I basically still can’t breathe any better. Sleep has been at a premium and I have drank enough water to fill a desert trying to wet the cotton mouth I have by breathing through my mouth only – no nasal opening improvements thus far.

My surgeon is a great guy. He suggested the procedure saying I would be looking at sinus issues forever due to all sorts of this and that problems. So I figured I should go for it.

Now I don’t think I am a bad patient. I know people who are doctors’ nightmares. Not I. I do what they say and follow the instructions to the letter. But I have to say this not breathing stuff is getting old.

I wonder how many of you folks have had this surgery? By the volumes of stories on different medical web sites, it seems like tons. And I see the successes. But to be honest, all I want now is to be able to take a huge, deep breath through this rather large honker of mine without congestion.

Now is that too much to ask? I return to my doc on Thursday for some final maintenance issues. Pull out a few things here and there. And if I use any more tissues I think I will scream. Saline solution, nasal sprays. Yech.

Please say this will all be better soon? Thanks…

— Andy Honker-dorian


About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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