In the case of George Zimmerman, where is the evidence to make the case?

At this point I must say that the question of guilt or not on the part of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin has been lost to the total bizarre nature of how this case has ended up.

Where this began in late February in no way resembles where we are today – and it’s not because of crack police work, new evidence or witnesses or anything like that.

From a story:

“Although details of the shooting remain murky, what is known is that Martin ventured out from the home of his father’s fiancee in Sanford and went to a nearby convenience store, where he bought a bag of Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea.

“On his way back, he had a confrontation with Zimmerman, who shot him.

“Zimmerman had called 911 to complain about a suspicious person in the neighborhood, according to authorities.

“In the call, Zimmerman said he was following Martin after the teen started to run, prompting the dispatcher to tell him, ‘We don’t need you to do that.’ Zimmerman pursued Martin anyway but then said he lost sight of him.

“According to an Orlando Sentinel story later confirmed by Sanford police, Zimmerman told authorities that after he briefly lost track of Martin, the teen approached him. After the two exchanged words, Zimmerman said, he reached for his cell phone, and then Martin punched him in the nose. Zimmerman said Martin pinned him to the ground and began slamming his head onto the sidewalk, leading to the shooting

“Police have said Zimmerman was not immediately charged because there was no evidence to disprove his account that he had acted in self-defense. A police report indicated he was bleeding from the nose and the back of his head.

“In Friday’s hearing, an investigator for special prosecutor Angela Corey’s office said authorities have no evidence showing who started the altercation that led to Martin’s death.

” ‘Do I know? No,’ investigator Dale Gilbreath said when asked if he knew who started the fight.”

So the tragic part here is that Martin has died. Whether or not he started an altercation remains unknown. Zimmerman, however, is charged with second-degree murder. And that is based on what? How can the prosecutors charge someone without solid – or any – evidence, witnesses, etc.?

Again, I have real issues with Zimmerman carrying a loaded weapon and he should have listened to the dispatcher who told him to not follow Martin. However, that is a far cry from enough evidence to file charges that could land Zimmerman in prison for life.

It seems obvious to me that Florida law enforcement officials from the police to the prosecutor’s office have been pressured to charge this guy. And that I totally disagree with. If the evidence points to a legit reason to charge him, fine. But to me so far, it doesn’t seem to fit.

Look, if Zimmerman is the real culprit in this incident, fine. Arrest him, put him on trial and let the justice system work.

If we rush to bury this guy with charges due to public pressure and then send him to prison because there’s no way this guy’s getting a fair trial anywhere in Florida, then I have huge problems with the whole situation.

When an investigator says he has no idea who started the altercation that ultimately led to a fatal shooting, well, then it seems to me that a case just can’t be made.

I just don’t get how we got from Point A to Point B here. It doesn’t make sense. And it actually makes less sense then the whole crime itself. But Zimmerman should not be another sacrificial lamb here. If he can be PROVEN guilty, OK. But it sure seems to me that this investigation, police work and work by prosecutors is flimsy at best.

But as long as we “keep the peace,” I suppose that’s OK. Not in my book. What’s fair is fair and thus far, this isn’t cutting it.

— Andy Hachadorian

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I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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9 Responses to In the case of George Zimmerman, where is the evidence to make the case?

  1. Willy says:

    I was wondering when someone was going to have the guts to say this. I do not know if this man is guilty, but he has already been found guilty in the court of public opinion. I have tried to discuss this with black co-workers. I won’t be doing that again, as now I’m a racist.

    This is a show trial, and if he is found not guilty, the black community will no doubt march for justice without thinking that Zimmerman also deserves justice. Where is the march for all those who will be killed this week in Philly? Where is the march against black on white crime? How about a march against hypocrisy!

  2. Um, perhaps the fact that he confessed to the shooting might be considered evidence that is not “flimsy.” But hey, that’s just me.

    • I think it’s more the question of the charge. I would agree a charge is in there somewhere even if it’s some weapons-related charge. But any level of a murder charge is obviously a serious charge and that’s where I believe the evidence is missing…But thanks for the comment Evan.

  3. Truthsayer says:

    Mr. Hachadorian is correct in pointing out the rush to judgement. Having worked in law enforcement, I was astonished by the conjecture and personal opinion that were included in the affidavit of probable cause upon it’s release to the public. It was either an aberration on the part of experienced law officers, or a feeble attempt to placate the media and the public. I believe the latter is the reason for such a faulty document being issued in such an important matter. Famed lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, recently blasted the Special Prosecutor on Fox News’ America Live with Megyn Kelly, for the same reasons I stated. The affidavit is simply horrific and should never have been issued in that way.

    I don’t understand Mr. Brandt’s comment. We all know Zimmerman shot and killed Martin. That is not really evidence, nor is it a confession. It is a statement of fact. The issue is not whether Zimmerman killed Martin. The issue is whether it was done in self defense or out of malice.
    None of us know the answer to that question, as we were not there, and it should be decided solely on the physical evidence that can be obtained in the case. If Mr. Brandt believes differently, he should have stated so in his comment so we could frame his comment in some context. Otherwise, he simply comes off as another arrogant member of the media that wants to decide the outcome of events for us, regardless of the facts, and proves Mr.Hachadorian’s premise for this opinion piece.

    There is more at issue here than just the question of whether Zimmerman killed Martin out of self defense or with malice and intent. While some attempt to cloud the issue with racial rhetoric, there is the issue of the “stand your ground” law, which exists under different names in many states. There is an element within this country that believes these laws create the opportunity for abuse of the law, and that many will be aquitted of murder by simply claiming self defense. These laws are also on trial here, as this has been the focus of much of the media coverage in this case. From the coverage I have seen, the media is uncomfortable with these laws, and sees the opportunity to cast them in a negative light, at the expense of justice for all invovled parties.

    Mr. Hachadorian’s point is clear. We don’t know what happened, but it is clear that the media has passed judgment on Zimmerman and I would infer from Mr. Brandt’s comment that he, too, has arrived at a conclusion, prior to the presentation of facts in a court of law. It makes one wonder if the court of law will fall to the court of public opinion. This case may well establish a dangerous precedent.

  4. Tangreen says:

    What we should do is hold our opinions until all evidence has been revealed because if we don’t then we show our pure ignorance……a 17 year-old child was murdered…he won’t be able to see another day, have kids or enjoy life…..his family is heart broken…..the evidence so far means nothing when there’s evidence that can be very damaging in the case and can outweigh already-given evidence. Blacks and whites have made it about race, not just the blacks nor just the whites…..each race is blaming the other race but you are all at fault. My deepest sympathy is for Trayvon because he was murdered, not because he’s black but because he was a human being, a child…..he can’t speak for himself or tell his side….his parents won’t be able to hold their child again……place yourselves in their shoes.

  5. yeah we will go with that says:

    so because he was 17 that makes it OK to slam someone Else’s head into the ground, because he was 17 means he was defenseless, because he was wearing a hoodie means that whoever now wears a hoodie is in support of convicting a guy for shooting someone that was attacking him. What about the family of Zimmerman, what about the house that was attacked because it was ‘the wrong address? what about Kevin Neary where was thew outrage??

  6. Dan says:

    Kudos to Andy for giving Zimmerman the presumption of innocence. That’s a lot more than the media and race pimps did in this case. I just have one question: why is Andy bothered with Zimmerman having a loaded gun on him? It isn’t illegal. It isn’t immoral. And in this case, it may have saved his life. Very strange perspective.

    • I don’t believe it’s the policy of Townwatch or other Neighborhood Watch groups for their members to carry loaded weapons or weapons at all for that matter. I could be wrong but I don’t think I am … that’s the role of police to carry weapons in order to enforce laws and make arrests.

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