Letting the Trayvon Martin case play itself out

OK, so there’s not a whole lot more to say right now about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident. The police and everyone else are still trying to sort out the facts. There is a lot of misinformation and rumor swirling around out there.

I have read a lot of what the Florida papers have written and also clipped this from CNN.com.

Read for yourself and decide…

(Link to the CNN.com story: http://bit.ly/HzM2tZ )

“A witness of the incident also spoke to CNN Thursday.

“’It would have to be starting with hearing voices, but not seeing, and then, after the voices, opening a window and then seeing — with two men or two people on the ground, one on top of each other,’ the witness, who has asked not to be identified, even by gender, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the incident.

“The witness reported hearing through a closed window voices from an area where residents typically walk their dogs. ‘I thought it was rather loud, but I had just shut my window because it had just started pouring out rain,’ the witness said. ‘And then I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, who’s out there walking their dog in the rain?’

“But the witness did not immediately look outside to see what the commotion was about, according to the account. ‘I went and did something else, and then I heard the loud voices again,’ said the witness, who reported opening the window. ‘It definitely was a very loud, predominant voice,’ the witness said. ‘I couldn’t hear the words but it was like, OK, this is not a regular conversation. This is someone aggressively, you know, yelling at someone.’

“The witness recounted seeing two men on the grass, one on top of the other. ‘And at that point, not looking out the window, I heard the yell for help, one yell for help, and then I heard another … excruciating type of yell. It didn’t almost sound like ‘help.’ It just sounded so painful. But I wasn’t watching out the window during that. And then the next time I looked out the window, there’s the same thing: two men on the grass, one on top of each other. I couldn’t see a lot of movement. It was very dark, but I felt like they were scuffling. And then I heard the gunshots, which, to me, were more like pops than they were like a bang.’

“The witness recalled hearing more than one shot. ‘It definitely was more than one pop noise, so I don’t know if it was an echo or anything else. But it definitely made more than one pop.’

“The witness said the shots were audible as one man was on top of the other. But the witness recalled not having been able to see clearly which man was on top because it was dark.

“Within a couple of seconds after the shots, one of the men ‘was walking toward where I was watching, and I could see him a little bit clearer. Could see that it was a Hispanic man. He didn’t appear hurt or anything else.’

“But the man, who by now had left the grass and was walking on the sidewalk, did seem worried, ‘with his hand up to his forehead,’ the witness said. ‘Now, a couple of seconds later, in the dark, you see that person that’s alive walk away; you know, obviously, OK, he must’ve got up and he walked away, where the other person is still laying there, face down.’

“The person who was walking away did not appear hurt, said the witness, who has told police of the incident. ‘You’re thinking, wow, I’m looking at the person that just shot someone,’ the witness said.”

My opinion at this point is that if this is the best witness the police can find then they are in trouble. A lot of someone’s, two men, not being able to see clearly, etc. Forget it if anyone thinks this person will ever get through a court case. Any amateur lawyer will tear them up.

My only point in a previous post about the hoodies, by the way, was that people living thousands of miles away don’t have a clue about the case other than it was a young black teen shot to death by another guy. That guy, also by the way, is Hispanic. And yes, that does make a difference for those trying to stir up the race pot.

Let’s let this case play out. Hopefully the police will do their jobs. Perhaps appointing a special prosecutor or a grand jury or something to at least give the appearance of fairness, would be in order.

Let’s not resort to violence, unnecessary hatred, finger point and certainly no more marches with hoodies, Skittles and ice tea.

It’s OK to have an opinion inside the house. Let’s just not take it to the streets for the trouble makers to have their way.

— Andy Hachadorian


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I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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