Please don’t call me a wimp…

Here it goes…

So now I know what MY parents went through. It’s early morning Friday, March 23, my oldest kid’s birthday and where are we? Well, I am sitting in the waiting room with my laptop. He, however, is out cold in a procedure room at a physician’s office. It has been a rough week.

He has had a tough road. Let’s just say he and his gastrointestinal system are not the best of friends. There have been kidney stones, CAT scans, all sorts of stuff and yet the severe pain continues. Hopefully today comes with more answers than questions.

My daughter was diagnosed as a toddler with a learning disability. There were tests, MRIs, you name it. Another son got popped on the head with a rock as a little kid opening up a huge wound and another son who broke a limb on a bouncy gizmo.

Yo, enough already.

When I signed on to get married — oh, about 31 years ago — I never signed on for this stress. I knew kids were tough jobs but sheesh, haven’t we filled up the side of problems? When do the easier times come my way?

It’s tough watching your kids go through hard times. Medical issues are the worst cause there’s not much you can do. I can show the boys how to throw a better curve ball or a good layup on the basketball court and my wife can talk to my daughter about hairstyles. But when they’re sick, you’re pretty much helpless.

I know the doctors all do their best but that still doesn’t make it any easier. When I’m sick, I put on the comfortable T-shirt and get under the covers and go to sleep. No help needed. When the kids are sick, it’s like nothing is enough.

So here’s to a beautiful spring day, hope that my kid feels better tonight and gets a chance to enjoy his birthday and maybe, just maybe, the problem side of the ledger sheet gives way to the good side.

Lord knows we all deserve a break here…

— Andy Hachadorian


About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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