Since the parking meter war started the good ideas are gone…it’s curse, I know it

It’s very strange indeed.

The last time I posted to my blog it was the issue with the West Chester Parking patrol and the fact that I had received a parking ticket – a full 7 minutes after the meter had run out. I went on and on trashing the parking meter patrols, giving all my reasons why they are so insensitive and uncaring and selfish, worrying only about their ticket quota.

I have plenty of support for my position and also I took the ticket to borough hall and contested the ticket immediately, pointing out that the meter ate my first quarter thus putting my in peril for a ticket, which by the way I received. I’m still waiting for some word on my allegations of a faulty meter.

And since then? (Granted, it’s only Friday and today) I have had nothing to inspire me. It’s writer’s block and it’s stopping me from posting to my blog – which I have come to totally enjoy.

Then I figured it out. It’s a curse. I know it. Before the parking ticket and before the rant my brain was full of ideas, things to gripe about, kudos to give out, people to honor or mention, places to dream about, etc.

But since then? Nothing. I got nothing to offer. Then I started checking out curses on the Web. Whether it’s a curse or just bad karma, I am convinced the Meter Patrol Curse is upon me.

Here are some more real curses…

1)      The Hope Diamond

2)      Billy Penn’s statue

3)      The Superman curse

4)      Curse of the pharaohs

5)      The 27 club

6)      Curse of the Kennedys

7)      Curse of the Bambino

I’m not going to tell you much about the seven curses. I will leave that up to you to do some research. Some of them you can figure out pretty easily.

So whether you believe in them or not, read about them and you will have to admit there are some strange things that have happened.

At this point, I’m not sure what I can do to remove the curse. Perhaps a straight up apology for my anger. Maybe I should bake them all some cookies and honor someone each week as Meter Monitor of the Week. But I think I need to do something.

I have space to fill each day on my blog and this block thing is just killing me. I am open to some suggestions but it must end soon…

— Andy Hachadorian





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I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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