Took a break for a couple days … back and talking about doing dumb things

Let’s be honest. At some time in our lives we have all done something we later realized was really stupid.

For example, a member of my family (who shall remain nameless) was stopped by police for excessive speeding. While having a conversation with the officer this driver decided to mention that “by the way, the horn doesn’t work…” Why? Why, why, why?

For dumb-dumb moments I can go all the way back to my childhood. There was the time my sister bought a 1962 Ford Falcon station wagon. Cool, right? So cool I thought that I figured I would check out the back part of the car. I opened the rear hatch door, rolled the window half of the way down, jumped in and with all my muscle shut the hatch door. Unfortunately, the glass window didn’t understand my stupidity thus immediately shattering into a million pieces of glass.

Of course in eighth grade while running to make it to class on time I decided to pull some sort of move to open the hallway door and swing around it in one wild acrobatic swoop. Well, the door felt totally different smacking me in the head. Three or four stitches later, I learned my first lesson in physics.

Staying in the junior high timeframe, there was the day I had a track meet and figured how bad could it be to eat three sandwiches and three small cartons of milk? Well, 90-degree heat and high humidity and one race later…I am assuming you can figure out the rest.

While working on an environmental project in high school, I committed one that almost got me to the slammer. Figuring a company was polluting a local stream, I assumed there would be no problem dropping a dozen or so orange or red phosphorescent dye tablets down the sink. Little did I realize that that wasn’t a normal sink or pipeline but actually some sort of drain that led right into the stream. The local authorities, the school board and my environmental science teacher were none too happy with me.

Of course I tease my wife about some of the silly things she has done. For example, she cashed a paycheck inside the bank, took some of the cash and then plunked the rest into an ATM envelope back into a machine.

Then there have been the too numerous times to mention e-mails to herself. It’s a reply versus forward versus some darned thing. We figured it out after days of unanswered e-mails – and a check of the sent e-mails. The more serious faux pas incidents included nearly throwing away tickets to see Billy Joel, winning lottery tickets and of course, accidentally tossing (I hope) a ring into the Atlantic.

My daughter was totally panicked that her new cell phone was broken. Couldn’t hear it ring, couldn’t hear me talk to her. Uh, the mute button? Yeh.

Of course a recent blunder on my part was checking the locked or unlocked status of a door – while not having the keys in hand. Oops. Locked out. With no other key. Hate when that happens.

I love the dumbest criminals videos. There is the robber who tries to open the door in when it swings out. Or the ones who leave their wallets with all of their identification behind for the cops. Just what are they thinking?

I asked some of you for some silly moments, and I realize some of the dumb things we do can lead to serious end results – but that’s not really what I’m talking about.

Here’s a couple good ones:

From Alicia D’Ambrosio Clay: My all time favorite is when folks go into the dollar store and ask how much an item is.

Or from Sharon E. Hannan: True story…my first visit to subway with my teenage girls embarrassed them when I orders fries. Who knew they are all about sandwichs. LOL

That’s the point. At some time in our lives we have done silly, dumb things. Some we can laugh about, some are more serious and aren’t really funny.

I prefer to laugh at myself. C’mon, we’ve all locked ourselves out of homes, cars. We’ve poured in all milk instead of coffee. We’ve run the dishwasher with no dishes or the washer with no detergent.

Former Daily Local News photog Larry McDevitt, so proud of his first video assignment in East Brandywine came back and realized he never pushed record. I still remind him of that one.

So have a laugh about yourself. You’ll  feel better and realize we are all human and all make mistakes.

— Andy Hachadorian


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I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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One Response to Took a break for a couple days … back and talking about doing dumb things

  1. Mary says:

    Wonderful! Getting locked out of your house is one thing…getting locked out with your pajamas on, is er, another! (last week! Big wind slammed deck door shut. Dog thought it was fun I was outside with her, loved running around to every window. And then to the neighbors…and this wasn’t a perky 20-something in cute jammies either!)

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