No way … Davy Jones dead at 66

For those of us who have reached the half-century mark (and beyond), the news of the death of Monkees singer and teen heartthrob Davy Jones really hit home.

Yes, as youngsters we watched the television show, listened to their music and later on learned things like that the band at times wasn’t really playing instruments (silly us) and that Monkees band member Mike Nesmith had a mom who invented Liquid Paper. Geez, the stuff you can learn.

I fully admit to both watching their TV show (which actually was at times pretty darned entertaining although mostly silly) and sitting around in friends’ basements with the pathetic old record players (as we called them) belting out songs like Daydream Believer and I Wanna Be Free.

I guess as a teen guy we all wanted to be Davy Jones. Heck, he could sing, he could act (if you called it that) but most of all, he always got the cute girls. C’mon, you guys over age 50 know it’s true. Who can’t forget the TV episodes where Davy fell in love and his eyes and the girl’s eyes turned into twinkling stars? Corny? You bet. Did we watch it? Oh yes.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, at the height of their popularity in 1967 they sold more albums than the Beatles. They apparently employed some pretty talented songwriters in the beginning as the band was formed to populate the TV show. Weird, isn’t it? But as reality is, the band split up in the early 70s.

They later got together for tours and in fact, I went to see the group in concert at what we used to call the Mann in Philadelphia. It was a great night for nostalgia. At the height of the Monkees’ popularity it was a time for teens that was a lot of fun. Good (bad) TV, good music (kind of), cute girls, pizza and silly story plots. Ah, life was good then.

But now another piece of my (our) history is gone. It certainly does beat into one a sense of mortality. People my age are watching our generation of entertainment, TV, music and Hollywood age right before our eyes. I am used to seeing a young, handsome Harrison Ford piloting a futuristic aircraft through the stars fighting his enemies. Now he is just looking like another old dude. Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman. The Rolling Stones, the Beatles.

I would hate to admit it to anyone, but people are getting older folks. Including yours truly. Yes, we wake up every day thinking that we are the same guy (or gal) we were 30 or 40 years ago. We don’t all necessarily feel like we old or getting older. But damn it, it’s happening.

I looked at the recent Davy Jones pictures. Then I looked at the ones from the TV show. Yikes. He was old. He was 66 which nowadays isn’t really old but looking at his current photos, yes, he was old.

I guess I should be very afraid to look at my own photos from the 70s. I may not like what I see in them after looking at myself now.

Sucks, doesn’t it? Also can’t do much about it. I would say I’m going home and flipping on some vinyl to sing one more rendition of Daydream Believer. However, the vinyl is gone, the turntable is broken and I don’t have a CD from the Monkees…

— Andy Hachadorian

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I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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One Response to No way … Davy Jones dead at 66

  1. Sharon says:

    So true. I turned on Letterman the other night, another college fixture, and realized. Whoa, it’s an old dude.

    I saw The Monkees at the Bloomsburg Fair when I was in college. Even back then I knew they were a little silly, but a fun part of my childhood and I was happy to hear them live. And yet Keith Richards lives on…go figure.

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