Just wondering why some people are so rude?

I know we all have bad days sometimes and that’s why generally speaking, I don’t get too upset about rude people.

Sure there was the guy who nearly ran me off the road on Route 202 South near Paoli Pike and when I motioned to whom with a sort of “what the heck are you doing?” he not only flipped me the bird, but he tailed me within inches and then pulled alongside of my car — at 65 mph mind you — to give me more of his, ahem, intelligent conversation.

And certainly my wife yelled at me for even acknowledging the nutball saying he could have been carrying a gun. And I guess she’s right. But I suppose there are times I just can’t resist trying to make these crazies understand the error of their ways.

And then there was yesterday. I stopped by my favorite Wawa to get gas. With an ATM card that’s cracked, sometimes getting it to work is a bit of a challenge. So I pulled in and parked and went inside to prepay $30 for gas.

I got into my car and pulled up to the pump. At that very moment, a woman about 40 or so — on her cellphone naturally — motioned to me to get out of the lane that I was already in, stopped, and out of my car. I shouted to her that I had prepaid so I couldn’t move. (Geez, I really hope she’s reading this)

Well, her hair was blowing around, she still had not ended her cell conversation and she vaulted out further from the driver’s side of her silver Benz. She started screaming at me all the while maintaining her cell call. (I must give her kudos for being so talented.) Meanwhile, I went about my business of pumping the lousy $30 worth of gas into my Honda.

But did this stop Lady Bitch A Lot? Apparently not. From the other side of the pumps — still with cell in hand — she continued her tirade. I calmly tried to again explain that I had prepaid and unless she wanted to hand me $30, I was going to pump the gas and be on my way, that is unless she had a better idea.

Well, the only better idea she had was to be more rude mumbling something under her breath to the tune of take a look at her car and take a look at my car and one could understand…

It seems now that the pump troll was profiling me. Because I was driving an older model Honda and she a shiny Benz that somehow that made me the lesser person. I’m not sure how Takanobu Ito would feel about that. (Google the name)

I continued to ignore her, jumped back into my car and pulled out of the lane to head home. Well, it still wasn’t good enough. And for my efforts I was awarded a single digit from this wonderful woman. I returned the favor with a simple wave, a laugh and an smh. (I’m learning the Facebook lingo from the kids…)

So what was the lesson of the day? I suppose never cut off (at least in their minds) 40-year-old women with cell phones, bad hair, driving a shiny Mercedes. Sheesh. I sure hope her evening was better than her afternoon…

— Andy Hachadorian


About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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One Response to Just wondering why some people are so rude?

  1. Anastasia says:

    WOW you did much better then I would have, I salute you! I must say I did ” LMBO” through this whole read. In this case with this snobby rude woman, I really hope Karma is a bitch! Happy Motoring đŸ™‚

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