Now that’s why I don’t take cruises…

Remember this name: Francesco Schettino. No, it’s not the name of a famous actor or a new entree at your favorite Italian restaurant.

Schettino is the last name of the captain of the Costa Concordia, a cruise ship that ran aground recently. Right now there are at least 11 people dead and nearly two dozen still missing. The captain is under house arrest and facing possible charges of manslaughter, shipwreck and abandoning ship.

By all accounts thus far, Schettino made a series of bad decisions including not staying on board his vessel until all of the passengers were removed safely as well as venturing too close to an island that ultimately helped cause the crisis. The captain was also ordered back to his ship by authorities and he allegedly refused.

So it’s safe to say this captain is looking at some serious legal issues.

I suppose the question to ask is this: isn’t the captain supposed to “go down with his ship”? Now I’m not suggesting the guy actually die for his passengers but heck, could he have not at least taken charge of the situation to make sure everyone was evacuated safely?

Schettino has his supporters including his relatives who say he’s a good guy who would never endanger the life of anyone let alone an entire cruise ship of passengers. But so far the evidence says different.

I have never taken a cruise and I am betting that most cruise ship captains are not like Mr. Schettino. But it is sort of frightening to think that the person everyone trusts to guard their safety is the first guy jumping ship don’t you think?

— Andy Hachadorian


About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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