Another senseless death in Philly

Let’s face it. Cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and certainly New York have a violent side.

We can understand that. We don’t have to like it but we understand it. And it seems like most of the violence seems to stem from crime, specifically drug and drug-related crimes.

But the most recent violent death in Philly seems to have had nothing to do with any of that and was more of a misunderstanding taken to a whole new level.

Read this account from the Associated Press:

“A recent college graduate left a bar with his girlfriend just steps from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia’s tourist district, yelled at a cab that wouldn’t give him a ride and was fatally beaten by men who piled out of a car, perhaps in the mistaken belief he was yelling at them, investigators said.

“Police are seeking four suspects and offering a reward in the brutal beating of Kevin Kless, 23, early Saturday after he shouted at the cab while he, his girlfriend and a female friend looked for a ride, authorities said. Three men got out of a car behind the cab and started kicking and punching Kless, who fell to the sidewalk severely injured.

“The three men and the driver of the car drove off. Kless was pronounced dead at a hospital several hours later. Investigators were still looking for the four men Tuesday and trying to get more information on the brutal attack, said Officer Christine O’Brien, a police spokeswoman.

“The city and the Fraternal Order of Police announced a combined $15,000 in reward money for arrests and convictions, and Mayor Michael Nutter took to Twitter to condemn the killing: “Encourage ANYONE who knows or saw anything about this incident to give us info, we need to catch these people, asap!”

“The attack was the latest in a string of killings in the City of Brotherly Love, where there have been 20 homicides so far in 2012, up from 12 at the same point last year. Last week, a 30-year-old man with a long arrest record was charged with gunning down a carload of seven teenagers who had been feuding with his stepsons. Three of the boys died.”

Kevin Kless had absolutely everything to live for. There was no reason at all for this young man to die.

Honestly, I worry that things are getting to the point that nothing is going to fix them. Everyone has guns and if they don’t have guns they just resort to mob violence beating people to death. The only thing Kless was guilty of was shouting at a cabbie. The thugs inside the passing car decided he had “dissed” them thinking the victim was shouting at them.

They could not have been more wrong. And now a seemingly good guy is gone.

But hey, don’t snitch folks. Let three animals get away with taking a good son, a good boyfriend, a good brother, cousin, worker and human being.

Meanwhile, the animals who did it get to walk the streets.

Just doesn’t seem very fair now does it?

— Andy Hachadorian


About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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