Wildwood thinking beach tags?

The news item is this: Wildwood is thinking of charging people to use the beach. Yes, that beach. The one that takes you forever to get from your car to the water like it’s a mirage. The Press of Atlantic City has the complete story.

It wouldn’t happen in time for this summer. But if passed would likely affect next summer’s beach-goers.

So I figured I’d post the news item details on the Daily Local News Facebook page to see the reaction.

If I could let the folks in Wildwood know, I would tell them to probably come up with another way to generate revenue because if they impose a beach tag fee for Wildwood, there could be a revolution.

To illustrate, here are some of the comments:

Lorraine-Lori Wysocki Johns: absolutely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
George Gregory: Not right!
Christine Davis: this is one of the reasons i go to NC outer banks. Screw the jersey shore.
Beth Kaczmarski Kieffer: I hope this never happens! Wildwood has been a tradition for my family since my parents were kids. Don’t change one of the many wonderful things that make this place so special!
Bob Weis: man good luck hiring people to comb that beach looking for beach tags….
Sara Greider: No no no! The beaches are beautiful! They already charge for parking!
Michele Walton-savage: I refuse to go to any beach that charges . You have to pay to park , if your hungrey pay for over priced food … No its just to much
William Guyer: Doesn’t change anything for me…I don’t set foot on the Jersey beaches. Last year I was lounging on a Costa Maya Beach, this year I will chill in Barbados…
PaulandJen Wheaton: Um no….They already charge enough for parking when you go down for the day …and it’s not regulated so each lot if different….I thought the hotels in the Crest, WIldwood, And North WIldwood had a say in this as well…I thought this was brought up years ago and it was voted against ….Heck it’s the only free beach I believe left on the jersey shore…..
Jill DAnnunzio Storace: This is why I’m a DE beach girl thru and thru! Ugh the Jersey shore!!
Tim Wolfers: does the fee cover the cost for cleaning up after the dogs and drunks?
Yvette West SideSamurai Rlsh: wtf?! the beach is for the public, stop making money out of everything.
Nan Beery: I HATE WILDWOOD !!!! Just let the sea wash it away!!!!

I think we get the message loud and clear: do not charge people to use the Wildwood beaches.

And I would tend to agree. Wildwood is a huge resort destination. There are tons of businesses and there are more homes, etc., than probably most places like Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Avalon or Stone Harbor. And yes, while Wildwood has seen some tough times over the years, it has also made some good strides too. So why ruin any trend of more visitors by imposing a beach fee?

Just from this very unscientific poll it sounds like people who still go to Wildwood do so because there isn’t a beach fee. Who needs to spend another $100 (a family of more than 5 or 6) just to his the waves?

I urge Wildwood to come up with some other ideas to raise money. I go to Sea Isle beaches and believe me, I can’t stand the beach fees. Almost as much as the annoying tag checkers who interrupt a good snooze asking for my tag.

Wildwood — keep it free!

— Andy Hachadorian

About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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One Response to Wildwood thinking beach tags?

  1. Peppy says:

    If enough folks get fired up, this, too, may go the way of the debit card fee.

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