Just can’t get off this Tebow issue

Maybe this is the sinister plan after all…ah, who knows.

But I just can’t get beyond the Tim Tebow phenomenon that has swept the National Football League this season.

Tebow, a number one draft pick, is by no means a lock to become an NFL star. The critics say his mechanics are bad, he runs weird and he’s still dazed at times by defenses.

His team is also in the playoffs having beaten the Steelers. The Eagles, by the way, have probably been doing a lot of golfing since the regular season ended.

But I guess what still gets me is the criticism the guy is getting for his religious beliefs and antics both on and off the field. And I should note here loudly that I am not what you call an in-your-face kind of person when it comes to religion. I go by the you-practice-what-you-like-and-I-will-practice-mine kind of guy.

So I have been reading a lot of stuff out there on the Tebow issue and I think I’ve cleared up a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the controversial QB. And what I have found is this: the supposed Tebow haters are made up of people who really are hating on things like ESPN, the NFL Network and anyone who is making a fuss over Tebow.

And the reason they’re all making a fuss is that there aren’t many guys like Tebow these days. Many of the pro athletes lately are just the same boring quote machines, not giving you anything that’s really juicy or sexy — or anything at all. (See any story on Andy Reid even though he’s not a player)

So the ESPNs of the world are having a field day with this. His Tebow-ing moves, his on-field prayers on one knee, etc. He has become “the man,” which means he’s a human highlight film and it’s something viewers want and like. But not all viewers…

See this Facebook response to a question about Tebow: “If I had to hear Tim Tebow is THE MAN!!!! one more time on Sunday I think I would have broken the tv.” And there it is.

So it seems that it’s not Tebow the people are hating on but the coverage. And I suppose that’s our fault, that is, the media. But c’mon, does anyone know how long we’ve waited for someone like Tebow? Love him or hate him, T.O. was a show. There’s a reason we watch athletes like Deion Sanders, LeBron James. And there’s a reason we loved to watch guys like Muhammad Ali. They are quote makers and they help make media coverage more interesting.

In the end, it comes down to not hating Tebow but being critical of the over coverage. I actually applaud the guy for being an individual. And if his individualism is about his religion, so be it. He’s definitely a positive role model and isn’t that a change for the better?

— Andy Hachadorian

About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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