Sad news for local Catholic schools

I didn’t attend a Catholic High School. I attended Upper Darby High School, Class of 19XX. Hah, thought I would slip, eh?

But I had lots of guy and gal friends who went to both Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast. Heck, I married one who attended Prendie, Class of 19XX. Oh no. Not that time either.

Now I know that if someone closed Upper Darby High I would be just crushed. The thought of tearing down the walls of UDHS would just be too much to handle. C’mon now, how could anyone forget those years of 9th to 12th grade? (Of course it was 10th to 12th when I was there.)

There were so many memories. The friends I made. The things we did. The girlfriends, the dances, the Battles of the Bands, weekend football games. Those are things that are in my brain now and forever. And I know that it is just a building, but I dare you to tell some of the people attending these Catholic High Schools and elementary schools that their schools are just buildings.

They have built their own sets of memories and there’s no doubt they would feel equally crushed. I called my wife this morning and told her the rumor seemed to be true that Prendie was going to close. There was an eerie silence for a moment and then she remarked that she had heard it was going to close but as she put it, “I never thought it would happen.”

That seems to be the feeling of anyone affected like her.

So what can we tell the kids attending these schools? Well, we can try to say that the schools are just buildings but let’s face it, these kids are smart so they won’t buy it. We can tell them it will be for the best going forward. They probably won’t buy that either.

I suppose that the best thing we can do is tell them the truth and that is that our world is changing. The economics of our country are now and have been for several months or at least a few years getting turned upside down and inside out.  And church officials warned people recently that the next few years were going to be tough. They said things like school closings, etc., were going to happen.

Perhaps people like my wife just didn’t believe it would ever happen. Tough news in tough times.

I hope that she and all of her friends and those who have graduated from these schools will hold onto their memories and cherish them and realize that while they tear down concrete and wood and steel, the memories will last forever.

— Andy Hachadorian

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I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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2 Responses to Sad news for local Catholic schools

  1. Peppy says:

    I understand well how folks will feel when they learn that their beloved school is closed. I was a member of the 19XX graduating class of Bishop Shanahan High School, which used to be located in West Chester. It was at once a feeling of sad nostalgia, when I learned that the building in West Chester would be torn down, and that the school had a new building in Downingtown. Those of us, who attended the West Chester Bishop Shanahan, will always have our memories. When we lose someone or something close to our hearts, we grieve and then we move on. Like anything else in life: change is a constant.

    Let’s not hold on to things and make them sacred in our own minds. To do so is to fall into the trap of missing a “thing,” like a school building, when we can be grateful that we had a place in the history of that building. Such memories will never exist under the sign “closed”.

  2. Jim Kunard says:

    And yet, inside those walls, some beautiful, kind and caring minds were produced – it gives that place a special meaning – like being in church. Its as if the people had as much impact on the building as the building did on them. They made it special.

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