Read my lips: Jeffrey Lurie is a chicken

I can’t believe I just wasted about 10 minutes of a perfectly good new year. I had hoped that 2012 would be a year of change. A change for me personally, getting rid of some bad habits.

For weeks now, there has been talk about the potential change of leadership for the Philadelphia Eagles. Coach Andy Reid has done a nice job for the Eagles since taking over some 13 years ago. He took a team that needed order and stability and gave it just that. But over the same 13 years he has proven by the results that he isn’t capable of winning “the big game.”

It’s nothing personal with Reid. I’m sure off the field, Andy Reid is a nice guy. He seems to have an off-beat sense of humor. But come game time, Reid has shown a certain stubbornness, a resistance to change, an attitude of “I invented the game of football and don’t tell me different.”

Let’s not even go down the road of his approach to the media. That’s just off the charts.

But honestly, today my biggest beef isn’t with Andy Reid. It’s with owner Jeffrey Lurie. Lurie started his press conference more or less telling all of us the reasons he was about to fire Andy Reid. Sportsradio hosts felt the same pulse as did the major sports writers as they tweeted over and over again.

We heard 10 minutes of all the reasons (to me) why Andy Reid needed a change of scenery. All the losing games in the fourth quarter, using adjectives like dismal, unacceptable. How the team failed in aspect after aspect of the game of football. The buildup was painful. We were all waiting for the shoe to drop.

And then it happened. In a matter of seconds, Lurie grew a beak, feathers and began to cluck. Jeffrey Lurie turned into one of the largest representatives of the poultry world I’ve seen since Foghorn Leghorn.

Look, no one wants to see another person lose their jobs. But c’mon Jeffrey, what aren’t you seeing? Andy Reid has had his shot. We’ve endured enough years of bad choices from players to coaches to schemes. It is time for him to move on. And he would have had a new job before Michael Barkann took his seat on the CSN set.

But no. Jeffrey Lurie turned chicken. And if you ask me, it’s all about the money. He says he’s a risk taker but a risk taker would have fired Andy Reid, hired a new coach and rolled the dice that a new leader, a new look, whatever, would get to the Super Bowl and actually win it.

Jeffrey, I gotta tell you that you sucked the life out of 2012 already. You had a chance to gain the respect of your fans and you blew it. Whatever. It just means that the Eagles will continue to be what I put on the TV on Sundays while I am painting woodwork or cleaning the basement.

But it doesn’t matter because there are 50,000 or more knuckleheads waiting for season tickets to what? The same old same old. And that pays the bills and buys homes the cars and $1000-suits.

Let’s go Flyers!

— Andy Hachadorian

About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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