What’s this? A post on Saturday? Yeh, why not…

I had to blog about our day trip to New York on Friday. I took my wife to see the Broadway production of the Addams Family. It was part of her Christmas gift.

At the risk of offending anyone from New York, it’s not that I don’t like the people in NYC. It’s just that they are everywhere. Walking from Penn Station to 46th Street was like being in the aquarium at the pet store where they keep the white mice…Everywhere you walk someone is bumping into you, knocking you over with something — or worse.

And my advice to anyone going to NYC from Philly — take the train. I love taking the trains. We started out from the Norristown Transportation Center and into 30th Street in Philly. From there to Trenton and a hop onto a train right into Penn Station. No parking, no car and trucks blowing their horns.

The Addams Family show — too late, it ends today — was fantastic. There’s nothing like seeing a Broadway show in New York. It was my first, my wife’s third. I was dazzled at the theatre and everything that went with it. The stars, the show. Awesome.

Walking from Penn Station to the theatre is fun too, despite my beef with the over population issue in the city. The sights, the sounds and the smells. Pretzels, peanuts, all sorts of odd things to eat. The shops are cool, the street vendors are wild and the city was prepping for its big night tonight.

The cops seemed a bit overwhelmed or maybe they just didn’t feel like giving directions to someone from Philly. That’s OK, I appreciated the New York accent just the same.

I guess the best part of the day was being alone with my wife. No kids, no dogs, no vacuums running, no TV blasting. It was just us walking hand-in-hand through New York. (Enter group “awwww” here). I highly suggest it to any married couples.

Well, that’s it. A nice day followed by the rest of a nice weekend and then it’s back to reality. But it was a great break in the action.

— Andy Hachadorian


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I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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One Response to What’s this? A post on Saturday? Yeh, why not…

  1. JimfromN.Y. says:

    I think I bumped into on one of those clogged streets. Get outta the way! I’m walkin’ heah!!!

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