It’s like a dream

I am off today but I figured I’d make some good use of my travel time this morning. I am on the way to New York City to take my wife to see the Addams Family show on Broadway. It was her idea for a Christmas present. And guys, don’t ever buy the line, “And that’s all I want for Christmas. No need to buy me anything else.” Wives ALWAYS want something else. If I had just let it go at just the tickets, I’d be cooked.

But the real point of this blog post is to say that Jan. 5 will also be a very cool day. I will be attending the Villanova vs. Drexel ice hockey game at the Winter Classic venue. I will be covering the game as well as watching two referee buddies officiating the game. I know this only means anything to those of us who love hockey like there’s no other sport but it will be fun.

I will get to be on the field to watch what should be a good game, write a story highlighting lots of players who live in Chester County and some other nearby areas and perhaps shoot some video. It’s like my dream job which would be to be the beat writer for an NHL team. I mean, how cool would that be?

Obviously there’s nothing wrong with being the editor of the Daily Local News. It’s a great job — most of the time. But who could turn down the chance to be the beat writer for the Flyers, the Rangers, the Detroit Red Wings? It would be a sweet job.

But since that’s not gonna happen, I will settle for my one shot covering a decent college game at a simply wild outdoor hockey venue. That will have to be enough. And it will be.

Heck, there’s always my next life…

— Andy Hachadorian

About fromtheeditorchair

I am the editor of the Daily Local News.
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