Seems so obvious to me

Back after a couple of days off. The cast still sits on the right wrist knocking over cups of coffee and glasses of iced tea. Hopefully Dec. 30 brings an end to this annoyance.

But anyway…

So Jerry Sandusky waives his preliminary hearing this morning much to the disappointment of the media who were eager to hear from the accusers. Sandusky faces 50 counts of sexual assault and it appears to most that the ex-Penn Stater will likely seek a plea deal. That would be good for his alleged victims as they won’t have to endure the torture of testifying in public.

As if the entire Sandusky affair isn’t enough to make you want to scream here’s another reason.

Even if he’s found guilty in a trial or takes a plea deal, he will still be entitled to his nearly $60,000 state pension. Why? Because the state’s Public Employee Pension Forfeiture Act doesn’t address the crimes of which he is accused.

There is a bill that would require convicted child-sex offenders to forfeit a pension which passed the House with a vote in June. However the Senate hasn’t had a hearing on the matter.

The bill that passed the House would take away pensions from state employees convicted of, or pleading guilty to, endangering the welfare of children and/or corruption of minors in employment.

So what’s the delay? Does this not seem to be the most obvious thing to do? Lawmakers seemingly act instantly when there’s an obvious injustice so what’s the problem here?

I would call on state senators across the Commonwealth to get this done — and sooner rather than later. If not, someone in a senate leadership position has lots to explain.

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